Konbu's addon page(English)
This is a cutdown version of my website. I have no time to make full set of English version... If you can read Japanese, visit main page and get more information.
You need support? See Bug report/Support section.
Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus:
Download from AMO / Updatelog(Japanese)
Show Selected Images:
Download from AMO / Updatelog(Japanese)
My stop button looks like...:
Download from AMO / Updatelog(Japanese)
Or, download from this site.
(The package newer than the one on AMO means it is not reviewed yet by AMO editors. Be careful about potential bugs and instability.)
  Bug report/Support
If you need support, use message board. In this board, you can use both English and Japanese.
Or you can ask me by mail form below:
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support infoYou can easily gather necessary information: open bazzacuda's option dialog and click the button.
(error messages, urls
that fails to save images,
procedure to reproduce
the problem, etc...)
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